Headlines should use Lora with Regular weight and be in title-case.

Sub headings should use DM Sans with Bold weight and be in sentence-case.

Headlines Should
Look Like This
This is a top-level heading
This is a second-Level heading
3rd-level heading
4th-level heading
5th-level heading


Regular copy should use DM Sans Regular. A suitable fallback is Arial.

DM Sans

This is Regular DM Sans.

This is Italic DM Sans

This is Medium DM Sans

This is Medium Italic DM Sans

This is Bold DM Sans.

This is Bold Italic DM Sans

Other fonts


This is Regular Lora.

This is Italic Lora

This is Medium Lora.

This is Medium Italic Lora

This is SemiBold Lora

This is SemiBold Italic Lora

This is Bold Lora

This is Bold Italic Lora


Archivo Extended Semibold is only for use with the TFA Logo.

It shouldn't be used with anything else. (Even this.)